Table Designers General Overview

On Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 11:30 am-3:30 pm at Grand Point Church in Chambersburg, a very special mother’s luncheon will be taking place.  This luncheon will be for approximately 200 mothers of children diagnosed with autism. We are currently looking for 25 individuals or businesses to design each of the 25 luncheon tables. 

If you decide to be a table designer, your name or business will be identified on the table as being the designer and will also be listed in the designer’s section of luncheon’s program.  You will be responsible for the complete set-up of a 60 inch round table for 8 mothers.  Eight settings of silverware, eight drinking glasses and a salt & pepper shaker will be provided; everything else for the table will be the designer’s responsibility. [Download printable directions]

If you need an idea of what table designing is all about or need a little inspiration, you can view pictures of the tables from previous luncheons.

  1. Eight settings of formal dinnerware (dinner plate, luncheon/salad plate, and cup and saucer (some settings do not have a saucer with their cup, if yours does not have a saucer that is fine).  The luncheon/salad plate will be used to serve dessert.  Bowls and bread and butter plates are NOT needed
  2. A centerpiece for the table.  The centerpiece should be something that one of the moms can cherish or use as a reminder of their special day.  Some good examples of centerpieces include a vase of flowers, a potted plant, a basket or dish filled with candy, flowers or other items, etc.  The centerpiece (this includes the vase/container that any flowers etc. are displayed in) will then be given as a gift to one of the mothers.  So again, please make sure the centerpiece is something that may be taken home as a gift by one of the moms.
  3. Eight Napkins.  They can be cloth or the more formal paper type napkin.
  4. Eight small favor-type items.  One will be placed at each of the settings as a small take home gift for each mother.
  5. Table Cloth for your table—the tables are 60 inches in diameter.  A 90 inch round table cloth is required, anything less detracts from the overall presentation of the table.  You can find 90-inch round table cloths in many colors on Amazon for less than $15 or check with me as we do have some extras to share.
  6. The theme and how you decide to decorate your table is completely up to you.  Be Creative! HAVE FUN WITH IT!  The moms LOVE looking at all the tables and selecting their seat! 
  7. Please note that the luncheon committee is not responsible for any breakage of dinnerware that might occur because of your commitment to design a table.  We will do absolutely everything we can to be extremely careful with your dinnerware and will treat it with great care. However, we cannot guarantee that an accident will not happen. Please be aware that if you are agreeing to participate by designing a table you are agreeing that the committee is not responsible for any possible breakage that could occur to your dinnerware.

You will be able to set up the day before –Friday, March 27th between the hours of 11 am-1:00 pm and 4pm-7pm or the morning of the luncheon (Saturday, March 28th) from 7am-8:30am.  The luncheon committee will wash all your dinnerware after the luncheon is over and pack it in the container you provide.  You will need to return to the church between 3:30pm-5:00pm after the luncheon is over to pick up your items.  Please note that tablecloths, table runners, placemats, cloth napkins etc. will not be able to be washed before returning them to you. 

**We do have several available sets of dishes that we can share with you if you are interested in designing a table but do not have the needed dishes.  Please contact me (see below) if you are interested in using our dishes.

If you are interested in sponsoring a table please contact Kristal Hollenshead at 717-360-0287 (call or text) or [email protected].


We will also need help the day of the luncheon.  This includes the need for waiters and waitresses and dishwashers.  If you are interested in helping the day of the luncheon or have friends/family/or know of a group who would like to help please contact Judy Orth at 717-377-1657 [email protected] for more information.  Thank-you so much for your time and effort in helping to make this a very special day for some very special mothers.  God Bless!